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All Travel Agents and Wedding Planners who have participated at a Love Mexico event will automatically receive a  certificate as a  Love Mexico Specialist.  All Love Mexico Specialists are entitled to join our closed Facebook page and take advantage of :

  • Special promotions from Top Mexican vendors
  • Continuing Education in the form of Complimentary weekly webinars
  • Insider information
  • Interaction with other Love Mexico alumni worldwide
  • Free gifts and special recognition

As a certified specialist you are invited to use the Love Mexico Specialist logo on your promotional material.

Your status as a Love Mexico Specialist grows when you participate in future Love Mexico events.  You receive a higher level of recognition and your advancement is marked with a special pin.

To become a Love Mexico Specialist is an added bonus Love Mexico offers to our honored professionals for having made the effort to join us and learn about Destination Weddings and Romance Travel in the #1 destination….Mexico.