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How are we going to ensure you this? Easy! With facts,

From the Wedding and Romance segment:

  • 350,000 destination weddings take place annually in USA, representing 24% of all weddings, nearly 1 in 4 couples.
  • The average destination bride is 30 years old.
  • Destination weddings have an average of 86 guests.
  • 30% of destination weddings take place outside the US.
  • The Caribbean and Mexico are the most popular wedding locations outside the USA.
  • 51% of destination wedding couples need a wedding planner.
  • 86% of couples still plan to take a honeymoon after their destination wedding.
  • 66% of international destination wedding brides opted for a destination wedding because they wanted a special, fun or exotic wedding.
  • International destination weddings are even more likely to span several days…and they’re getting longer. Nearly 7 in 10 international weddings last three or more days, and nearly half (47%) last four or more days.
  • The average total destination wedding spend is $20,890 (not including honeymoon, engagement ring or travel expenses) with and average number of 86 guests.

From our own events:

  • The business closure between offer and demand has increased year by year. We have carefully selected and trained each of our buyers, so each time they come with more potential business for Mexico. From 2011 to 2012 the number of participants doubled their business closure of business during Love Mexico.
    Based in our internal surveys:
    2011: 19% of participants closed business during the event. 52% probably closed it.
    2012: 39% of participants closed business during the event. 52% probably closed it.
  • In 2012 80% of strategic partners and sponsors return to the event. The results were above their expectation, so each Mexican sponsor confirmed their following participation. The missing 20% didn´t answered back, that means a probability of participation.
  • In 2012 we had a 28% increased of Mexican companies participating in the event and exhibition floor.
  • In comparison with 2011 there was an increase of 30% of wedding professionals from USA and Canada.

We were the first and we keep being the best; some reasons for this are:

  • We never skimp on the number of buyers so we can make sure that there is enough business potential for each of our exhibitors.
  • Buyers pass a pre-selection process to ensure we have real potential business for Mexico.
  • We make sure not to have over representation on certain segment or destination to ensure synergies between buyers and sponsors.
  • We provide constant industry facts, measuring offer and demand.

For the family of MexicoWed, the Mexican companies that participate with us are not just a booth or stand in an expo, they become strategic partners and SPONSORS. Because of them we can realize this event as a team. And since every single one of our sponsors gathers with us as a team, it is possible to have this event every year, increasing the number of weddings and romantic trips to Mexico.